Girl Power Lessons from a Female Sharpshooter

First, I want to emphasize that the principles of Girl Power apply to everyone, not just girls. Second, I’m going to introduce you to my childhood hero, Annie Oakley. In my mind, Annie epitomizes Girl Power.  In the above quote, she points out that only with practice and patience will you hit the high markContinue reading “Girl Power Lessons from a Female Sharpshooter”

My Kingdom for a Genie in a Bottle!

Most Americans are familiar with the 1960s TV show “I Dream of Jeannie.” Jeannie could grant wishes, make items or people appear or disappear, and, in general, alter circumstances when needed. Jeannie had a good heart and used her magic to help make things better. Invariably something would go wrong and Jeannie, with help from TonyContinue reading “My Kingdom for a Genie in a Bottle!”

5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain

STOP * PRAY * BREATHE * THINK * APPLAUD Many of us deal daily with the challenges and heartbreak of emotional eating and the constant need to get our health habits back on track. We’re also constantly bombarded with negative, unhealthy messages about our value as human beings. Like an old long-playing record that neverContinue reading “5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain”