4 Things Black-eyed Susans Say About Me

Orange Jeep Liberty
My Jeep didn’t start out orange.

  1. Orange is my favorite color — Which came first, black-eyed Susans or orange? I don’t remember. I’ll guess black-eyed Susans because they’ve been an important part of my life since I was a child.
  2. I’m an Ambivert — My family and friends may debate this point, but it’s true. Not sure what ambivert means? How about ambidextrous? Just as a person who can use their right and left hands equally well, an ambivert is someone who is a balance of extrovert and introvert personalities. They’re equal parts “I’m up for a party” and “I need some time alone.” Black-eyed Susans have similar qualities. They’re comfortable in flower gardens but may equally prefer a spacious roadside where they can be alone.

3. I’m a Rebel! — I seek out things that aren’t overwhelmingly popular (see # 1 above). In the product marketing world, daisies and sunflowers are indisputable favorites. When’s the last time you saw a black-eyed Susan on the cover of a book or all over a pair of shorts? (Do a Google Images search, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Bottom line: If everyone likes it, I’m going to like something else.

4. I’m sentimental — I LOVED going to camp in the summer.

Me w ducks
Me, 18 mo. old, feeding the ducks
Grandpa Me marshmallows
Me, 4 yrs old, roasting marshmallows with Grandpa

For my sisters and me, Grandma and Grandpa Nitz’s place on Schroon Lake was where our most treasured childhood memories were made. It’s a place to which we long to return.

And in the summer, the roads that lead to camp

are lined with black-eyed Susans.

Published by Pam

I am a writer and a pretty good cook. I overuse exclamation points and dark chocolate. I LOVE God and my family the most! I know from experience that life goes much better when we help each other. I'm writing a book about becoming your best self. I think of it as one of many ways I can help others and be helped by them.

3 thoughts on “4 Things Black-eyed Susans Say About Me

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Lynne. I’m glad you enjoyed the black-eyed Susan post! I learned a few more things about myself when I wrote it. :-)


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