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When I need to go to my happy place, one of the things I picture in my mind is water flowing, rushing and tumbling along its designated course. Over, around and through obstacles, it carries on and on until it reaches the ocean. Water that moves is usually contained within boundaries, which give it the power to move and flow so gracefully and often quite powerfully. I LOVE experiencing the power of life in tumbling water.

The power of potential and progress lives within each of us.  Often it gets dammed up or altered by the voices of too many can’ts or shouldn’ts hitting from all sides. Unlike the river, we have the ability to choose our course and work to accomplish our goals.

Here at tumblings.blog, I’ll share thoughts about weight loss, writing, and a variety of topics that impact daily life–as they tumble out of my brain and onto the page.

I’m happy you’re here!

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