The Rise of the Morsl Cookie Company

1 May 2023, PJ Brayton If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It You might be surprised the Morsl Cookie Company boasts an inventory of over 1,000 flavor varieties of cookies with new varieties invented every week. Customers have had mixed feelings. “Beyond my expectation,” wrote one. “1,000 flavors? Cool!” said another. There areContinue reading “The Rise of the Morsl Cookie Company”

Happy Camper: Oh, the Memories!

Henry jumped into the boxcar, and Jessie gave him the pine needles. He made four beds in one end of the car. “This side is the bedroom,” said Jessie “What will the other side be?” asked Bennie “The other side?” asked Jessie. “Let me think. I guess that will be the sitting-room, and maybe someContinue reading “Happy Camper: Oh, the Memories!”

Why My Spirit-Element is Water!

Foreward My life-long dream has been to write a book and see it published. I can almost smell the new-book scent on its crisp pages, feel the solid binding and smooth cover, and revel in the sight of my name on the cover, my words printed on its pages. Beneath my calm exterior is thisContinue reading “Why My Spirit-Element is Water!”

4 Things Black-eyed Susans Say About Me

Orange is my favorite color — Which came first, black-eyed Susans or orange? I don’t remember. I’ll guess black-eyed Susans because they’ve been an important part of my life since I was a child. I’m an Ambivert — My family and friends may debate this point, but it’s true. Not sure what ambivert means? HowContinue reading “4 Things Black-eyed Susans Say About Me”