5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain


Many of us deal daily with the challenges and heartbreak of emotional eating and the constant need to get our health habits back on track. We’re also constantly bombarded with negative, unhealthy messages about our value as human beings. Like an old long-playing record that never stops repeating hurtful insults, it just turns round and round in our heads. It’s been there so long, it’s as familiar as an old friend.

These five steps are a way to help deal with the times when we reach for solace in food and self-recrimination. They’re meant to help us redirect our thought patterns toward a more empowering outcome. So, when you find yourself  headed toward anything you know will lead to guilt and yet another emotional beat-down, try these steps instead.aware-peaceful-etc


Catch yourself and cease moving in the direction of an unhealthy choice. Imagine a stop sign in your mind. This arrested movement may only be in your thoughts, or you may physically come to a halt or both.


Immediately ask God to give you strength to change the direction of your thoughts and the action of your body responding to your thoughts. While you’re at it, ask Him to help you feel and recognize His love for you.

BREATHE   Breathe

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Keep your mind on your prayer and other positive thoughts or an uplifting tune.


Think about the choice that will make you truly happy. The one that you will not regret later. The one that makes you say, “I can do this!” And, most importantly, the one that confirms in your mind what you already know in your heart. Your value is far above rubies and diamonds. You are greater than all the stars in the heavens. This is how one treats a person like you.Flower_reflection


You made it! You kept your train on the tracks! Enjoy the moment. Revel in it. Express your gratitude to God for His help.

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Published by Pam

I am a writer and a pretty good cook. I overuse exclamation points and dark chocolate. I LOVE God and my family the most! I know from experience that life goes much better when we help each other. I'm writing a book about becoming your best self. I think of it as one of many ways I can help others and be helped by them.

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