The Rise of the Morsl Cookie Company

1 May 2023, PJ Brayton

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It

You might be surprised the Morsl Cookie Company boasts an inventory of over 1,000 flavor varieties of cookies with new varieties invented every week. Customers have had mixed feelings. “Beyond my expectation,” wrote one. “1,000 flavors? Cool!” said another. There are doubters, too, but they don’t stay doubters for long. With 600+ bakeries nationwide, Morsl Cookie Company is bound to have a bakery near you. Try one of their cookies for yourself! 

So, how do we do it? And why?

Deliciously Fresh, Anywhere You Go

Morsl Cookie Company is a family-owned business started by twin brothers, Oscar and Ethan Taylor. At the time, neither of them knew how to make delicious cookies. Oscar’s passion for technology and Ethan’s love of branding and marketing led them to start the Morsl Cookie Company in their hometown of Rexburg, Idaho.

The Taylor twins’ mission is to bring people together over a box of delicious Morsl cookies. With help from their dad, the brothers developed their best-selling cookie, semi-sweet chocolate chip, fresh-baked and delivered.

Gathering Family, Friends, and Fans

Knowing social media users’ insatiable desire for new content, Ethan later introduced “Customer Created” cookie flavors and called for customers and fans to submit their cookie flavor ideas, promising to use their first or last name in the marketing for that variety. With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram alone, that’s a lot of potential cookie flavors! 

Another Way to Keep it Fresh

As customer cookie flavor suggestions began to pour in, Oscar and Ethan needed to figure out a way to make new flavors available without overwhelming every stage of the cookie-creating process. Plus they had to keep their popular, best-selling varieties in stock. The twins decided to change out five or six of the menu flavors and replace them with fresh, new flavors each week. Customers would come into the store for one of their favorites and leave with a box that included several new varieties as well.


Morsl Cookie Company’s first location in Rexburg, Idaho turned into a multi-million dollar company in only five years. Oscar’s passion for technology and Ethan’s love for branding and marketing helped propel the company forward at lightning speeds. But they believe the main driver of success was their consistent focus on customer satisfaction and enjoyment and their mission to bring people together to enjoy delicious, fresh-baked cookies. 

[Disclamer: The Morsl Cookie Company and its story has been fabricated to fulfill the requirements of a college class assignment about blogging.]

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