My Weight Loss Story

Schooled by life

I’ve traveled a bumpy, twisty, up and down road that led to significant weight loss. No two roads are the same. Each person has a unique perspective they bring to the journey to healthy living. I don’t have medical degrees, counseling degrees, or experience in the professional world of health and wellness. What have, and what I offer you, is my personal experience and a strong belief that people are more successful when they have someone with whom to share the journey. I hope you will share your experiences and views so we can learn together and support one another.



When I began a serious effort to shake 140 lbs from my 67-inch tall frame, I thought of the process the way most people do. “I need to lose weight!” I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, but I knew that this time I was serious and committed not to turn back no matter what. It took me two years to lose most of the weight and another 3+ years to reach my goal weight.

It’s been more than ten years since I reached my original goal weight. I’ve kept most of the weight off; yo-yoing up 30, down 17, up 10, down 5…You get the picture. As grateful as I am for the blessings of losing the initial weight, the years since then have taught me much more about what is true and what is hype when it comes to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

I invite you to ask questions, share experiences, and respectfully disagree on this blog via the the comments section at the end of each post. If you have a longer story to share, direct message me from my Facebook page: Pamela J. Brayton – Author

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