5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain

STOP * PRAY * BREATHE * THINK * APPLAUD Many of us deal daily with the challenges and heartbreak of emotional eating and the constant need to get our health habits back on track. We’re also constantly bombarded with negative, unhealthy messages about our value as human beings. Like an old long-playing record that neverContinue reading “5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain”

“What is your secret?”

My husband, Sam, came home one day and said he’d overheard a conversation in which a woman who had lost a noticeable amount of weight was asked, “What is your secret?” I was shocked by her answer! I’ve been asked this question before, but I’ve always been hesitant to answer honestly. People expect you toContinue reading ““What is your secret?””

Plugging My Leaky Bucket

“I have this yearning to be accepted and acceptable to my fellow men and women, but they have to reinforce my self-esteem constantly by telling me I’m doing well or that I’m good at something. Sam said once that when it comes to my feelings of self-worth and self-confidence I have a leaky bucket thatContinue reading “Plugging My Leaky Bucket”