“What is your secret?”

A two minute answer won't do.
A two-minute answer won’t do.

My husband, Sam, came home one day and said he’d overheard a conversation in which a woman who had lost a noticeable amount of weight was asked, “What is your secret?” I was shocked by her answer! I’ve been asked this question before, but I’ve always been hesitant to answer honestly. People expect you to say “I found this great diet” or “I stopped eating ice cream” or “I’ve started running every day.” So, I usually hedge, watching their eyes, trying to discern polite interest or eager anticipation to know a secret that will finally work for them. They really don’t want the truth, I tell myself. Besides, it’s not a two-minute answer.

I was shocked because the woman’s answer to “What is your secret?” was the same as mine…the one I don’t share. She said it in only four words, “I pray…A LOT!”

That’s it! That’s my answer. And it took less than two minutes. But there’s more to the story than that, which is why I started this blog.

I want you to know this upfront. My experiences with food and weight-related struggles are intertwined with my faith in God. It’s a foundational part of who I am, how I think, and how I view and respond to life. I do not expect that to be true of everyone who visits or engages with this blog. I hope for diverse perspectives and life experiences among our readers; I hope all of you will feel safe and comfortable sharing your thoughts and experiences related to health and wellness. When you have something to share, type it into the comments at the bottom of any article. We’re here to help each other!

Published by Pam

I am a writer and a pretty good cook. I overuse exclamation points and dark chocolate. I LOVE God and my family the most! I know from experience that life goes much better when we help each other. I'm writing a book about becoming your best self. I think of it as one of many ways I can help others and be helped by them.

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