Do We Really Need an IDEAL?

I’m reading a fantasy, sci-fi novel titled Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. In it a band of heroes is fighting to dethrone the evil ruler of Newcago who has the power to turn inanimate objects into steel. He’s also almost impossible to kill. Megan, a member of the band, objects to destroying Steelheart because life is better... Continue Reading →

Hate Dieting? Guess what!

A few years ago, I sat in my bedroom mentally chastising myself for how lax I’d become with my health habits. What should I do? I asked myself. EXERCISE. The word came into my mind as if it were spoken right to me. I strongly believe it was an answer from God. He’d been listening... Continue Reading →

Begin-Again Monday

Today is Begin-Again Monday. This is the first full week of the summer season that hasn’t been completely taken up with trips, events, and other summer activities. It’s the day I designated to begin again to practice the good health habits I’ve developed over the 30+ years I’ve been working on improving my health. The... Continue Reading →

My Kingdom for a Genie in a Bottle!

Most Americans are familiar with the 1960s TV show "I Dream of Jeannie." Jeannie could grant wishes, make items or people appear or disappear, and, in general, alter circumstances when needed. Jeannie had a good heart and used her magic to help make things better. Invariably something would go wrong and Jeannie, with help from Tony... Continue Reading →


June begins Hay Season at the family farm here in upstate New York. For the past two weeks, we've worked hard to unload as much first-cutting hay as possible before our foreman, Sam's brother Dan, and his family leave to visit Krystal's parents in Alaska. The picture above was taken right after our hay crew unloaded... Continue Reading →

My Supermodel Wife

by Sam I married my best friend when we were in our early twenties even though the wife criteria my teenage mind had prioritized may not have included friendship. Though my written list of attributes for my future wife has been mercifully lost for years, I am sure that some of the top priorities were... Continue Reading →

5 Essential Steps to REBOOT Your Brain

STOP * PRAY * BREATHE * THINK * APPLAUD Many of us deal daily with the challenges and heartbreak of emotional eating and the constant need to get our health habits back on track. We’re also constantly bombarded with negative, unhealthy messages about our value as human beings. Like an old long-playing record that never... Continue Reading →

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