Little Successes with God’s Help

I’ve been having success lately with turning to God in my mind when I’m fearful. This has been a great blessing to me. I usually begin by identifying the problem in my mind. Yesterday I decided to go to the doctor, but I was afraid of what he might find. I didn’t want my blood pressure to be high at the doctor’s office, nor did I want to continue to be emotional. I identified that my feelings were motivated by fear and remembered that “perfect love casteth out fear” (1John 4:18). So I prayed, begged, God in my mind to help me not be afraid and to be able to articulate my symptoms to the doctor. I was amazed when the doctor said my blood pressure was great, and I was relieved when he said the EKG looked fine as well. My prayers were answered! After I prayed, I didn’t have fearful, nervous feelings. This experience is the fourth in a line of similar ones that have taught me to trust in God’s promise that He will support and help me, give me strength beyond my natural abilities if I put my trust in Him and turn to Him in prayer.

As I’ve thought about this, I’ve pondered its application in other areas of my life, particularly in resisting the temptation of food. One difference I see is my desire. When I feel fear, I have a strong desire to faithfully seek God’s help. With tempting foods, the feeling is different. I’m tempted, not fearful. I want to eat the food. I intentionally ignore the voices in my head that tell me I shouldn’t. So, what can I do? What do I need to do to overcome this without starting the latest fad diet?

Yesterday I was successful at making better food choices. Afternoons are toughest for me. I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch and I was hungry. I also knew it would be a few hours before supper, so I stopped at the grocery store to grab something to eat on my way to my son’s house. I had thought about stopping at a convenience store, but I knew all they had was junk food. Salt and Vinegar chips are a big temptation, but I wanted to make healthier choices, so I passed by the convenience stores. I walked into the grocery store knowing I wanted some sort of chips to munch on, but I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. I ended up grabbing a bag of sweet potato and carrot chips. I felt good about my choice because they taste good and would satisfy my desire to munch, and they are made from the vegetables rather than being vegetable flavored corn chips. The sweetest thing about them is they’re not addictive to me.

I feel like this is an example of God strengthening me and guiding my thoughts as I decided what I wanted to buy and eat.

Be well,

Pam :-)

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