Lean On Me: Healthy Living REBOOT

Why Lean On Me?

Lean On Me meme w pipe cleaner dinasour

“We all need somebody to lean on.”

I loved Bill Withers’ song as a teenager and it still resonates today. My desire is for this blog to be a safe and uplifting place that will help you find your way to the healthy lifestyle that works best for you.

Welcome to Lean On Me: Healthy Living!

June is REBOOT month for my blog and for me.

Last month I finished my Associate of Arts: Creative Writing degree program. I pretty much ate my way through the semester and sat on my butt writing for hours. Urg! I’m so ready for a reboot!

First, I must pause to acknowledge that challenging my brain and feeding it with knowledge was a healthy activity to engage in. Yay for exercising the brain!

Second, reboots and course changes are a big part of finding health habits that work for you. Today my goal is to retrieve and re-embrace the healthy eating and exercising habits I followed before I turned my entire focus to finishing my degree.

Finally, sharing experiences, questions, and ideas with each other via this blog is an important piece of the quest for a healthier lifestyle.

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4 thoughts on “Lean On Me: Healthy Living REBOOT

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  1. Pam thank you for sharing your journey. I want to be successful in healthy eating but I have two stumbling blocks….me not feeling important and emotional eating when things get rough. I now have Diabetes and need a better plan than the one I currently follow which is a wandering path of on track one minute and then off the next. Any suggestions would be most helpful.😄

    1. Lonni, Thank you for commenting. I still deal with the challenges of low self-esteem and eating junk to medicate emotions that are difficult to deal with. It’s the bane of my existence! I have great information to share that I’ll post early next week. In the meantime, try cutting yourself the kind of slack you often give the people around you, and think, write, and/or talk about the health of your eternal spirit. I’ve been the most successful with my physical health during the times I consistently called on the powers of Heaven for help and strength to overcome obstacles to success. I hope you and other subscribers will continue to feel comfortable sharing health struggles and successes. Pam :-)

  2. I love it! Reboot sounds perfect! I think I need to use that philosophy in my day when I get upset with the kids…”reboot” and just start over!

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