Welcome to our Lean On Me: Healthy Living blog!

We’re glad you’re here! This blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! How exciting! We’re in the beginning stages, but feel free to click around the blog and be sure to click “Follow Us!” in the sidebar and enter your email address.

Welcome! We’re two friends, Michele and Pam, and we created this blog as a place for you to come and share experiences, both struggles and successes, related to living a healthier lifestyle, changing your relationship with food, and growing in love for yourself and for others. We have discovered that changes such as these come easier and are more fulfilling when we have someone with whom to share the journey.

This blog is intended to be just such a place. You will find posts about a variety of topics related to improved health and well-being. You can suggest topics for posts. You can even write a potential post and submit it to us for review. We’ll work with you to get the information out on the blog. (See “Share My Story” in the sidebar under “Pages.”)

To learn more about Michele and Pam click “About” in the sidebar for a brief summary or “Our Stories” for more details. We are doing this blog because of our experiences losing weight and striving to live healthier lives. Healthier lives encompass Mind, Body, and Spirit. These things mean different things to different people, and we hope you will share your perspective with us! Click around and ENJOY!

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